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Sixth Grade

Sixth Graders at REDS expand the scope of their learning from the moment they walk in the door. The day begins with STEM Lab, Differentiated Math, and Humanities, each taught by content area specialists who work together to purposefully integrate concepts and provide real-world context for learning. The morning routine includes time for outdoor breaks to give students an opportunity to get moving and mentally reset. 


Every day, Cardinal Hour allows students time to eat lunch with friends, meet with teachers, complete assignments, and work on personal projects sparked by individual interests. Body, Mind, and Heart are key in the daily Recreation, Health, and Service class, which combines Physical Education, topics related to healthy living, and service projects that benefit the school and surrounding community.


Enrichment classes further enhance the learning experience in Sixth Grade. Visual and Performing Arts, Technology, and Foreign Language classes provide opportunities to develop creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. REDS students learn to appreciate different vectors of learning and are given the chance to experience all that our talented enrichment specialists have to offer throughout the week. 


REDS Sixth Graders lead by example and provide learning experiences for each other, the students in the primary school, and even the adults who have the privilege of teaching them. They embody our core values of Respect, Exploration, Dedication, and Service all day, every day.

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