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Fifth Grade

At REDS we believe in "Can Do Kids", so we start at an early age helping them develop independence while learning how to follow a simple routine.

Fifth graders at REDS are valued leaders of our learning community. They shape the culture of the primary school, acting as mentors in school-wide initiatives such as technology education and sustainability. They are confident role models for the younger students and take an active role in creating an encouraging learning environment for all. 


These students are active participants in their own educational experience and work toward substantial learning independence throughout the school year. Topics of study are guided by their interests and things that spark their curiosity. Academically, these learners are focusing on developing Algebraic thinking, problem-solving strategies, and error analysis skills. They study the world around them in different ways, diving deep into the scientific method and investigating major events in world history. 


As they learn to organize and present information orally and in writing, these students have opportunities to develop their voices. Across disciplines, they continue to engage in hands-on experiences and use those concrete tools to move towards greater understanding and abstract thinking. Fifth graders are readers, writers, researchers, communicators, designers, and makers. 


By the end of the year, REDS fifth graders leave well-prepared for their next big adventure in middle school!

The Fifth Grade program meets 8:30-3:00 Monday through Friday. 

Preference is given to those children who turn 10 by September 30 of the year enrolled.

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