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Our Episcopal Identity

Here at Redeemer Episcopal Day School, we deeply value our Episcopal Identity. The father of Episcopal schools, William Augustus Muhlenburg, believed that while academic success is important, so too is the formation of character in our students. This thought aligns with the mission and philosophy of our school where we value the education of the Whole Child.  


Our school is proud to be a part of a long Episcopal tradition that welcomes and respects those of all faiths, denominations and backgrounds. Through our Episcopal Identity we can explore topics such as grace, forgiveness, perseverance, acceptance, kindness and compassion.  These are the values and lessons that our REDS students will take with them to make a difference in their communities and the greater world beyond.  


Episcopal Schools value a Whole Child approach and by their very nature integrate the social, emotional, physical, academic, spiritual and moral development of their students. We strive to create the following in the children we serve:


  • Opportunities for each child to have the freedom to create, explore and learn in pursuit of academic success.

  • A commitment to serve others in our school, community and the greater world.

  • Opportunities to worship individually and with their greater school community.

  • A belief in dignity, love and inclusivity for all human beings.


Here at REDS, our Episcopal Identity is woven into our Core Values: Respect, Exploration, Dedication, and Service.


Learn more about us and our school's mission:

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