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Fourth Grade

At REDS we believe in "Can Do Kids", so we start at an early age helping them develop independence while learning how to follow a simple routine.

Fourth graders at REDS continue to learn through investigation and discovery. Students are encouraged to take on an increasingly significant role in their own learning. Integrated curriculum and multi-disciplinary project-based learning help guide students to see the natural connections that exist all around them.


The groundwork for Algebraic concepts is developed over time with a focus on recognizing patterns, understanding rational numbers, and continuing to develop strong number sense. Error analysis is incorporated into daily learning, helping students to internalize that making mistakes is simply part of the learning process. 


A large part of the Fourth Grade experience at REDS is participating in authentic reading and writing activities. Writing is personal and purposeful; reading is frequently self-selected to help inspire not just reading competence, but passion for written language. Students begin to develop substantial digital proficiency in writing and research as well.


Spending time outside of the classroom provides opportunities to observe, record, and engage with the natural world. Walking through the trails and using our wonderful outdoor spaces sparks inquiry, guiding the direction of scientific study.


Ultimately, we want our fourth grade students to move on to fifth grade as confident, self-motivated learners ready to take their place as leaders for our REDS family.

The Fourth Grade program meets 8:30-3:00 Monday through Friday. 

Preference is given to those children who turn 9 by September 30 of the year enrolled.

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