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Junior Kindergarten

At REDS we believe in "Can Do Kids", so we start at an early age helping them develop independence while learning how to follow a simple routine.

Our Junior Kindergarten is composed of children who are chronologically old enough to attend kindergarten but are being given time to further their development prior to entering primary school.

This program is designed to be a transition between preschool and the primary grades. It provides appropriate play-based, hands-on learning while beginning to introduce kindergarten-level academic standards. Children will grow in independence, self-esteem, following directions, and fine motor skills. The classroom will also provide time for children to explore, engineer, build, and create with limitless possibilities!

Half-Day JK

The Half-Day Junior Kindergarten program meets 9:30-1:00 Monday-Friday. Starting in 2024, the hours will be 9:00-12:30. Children must turn 5 by September 30 of the year enrolled.

Full-Day JK

The Full-Day Junior Kindergarten program meets 8:30-2:45 Monday-Friday. Children must turn 5 by September 30 of the year enrolled.

 Please note that entrance into Junior Kindergarten does not guarantee admission into Kindergarten.

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